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Expecting a baby soon? About to be married? Now's the time to sign up for our yearly memory-preservation service. Don't wait for your wedding day and baby's first year to become a distant blur. What if you started professionally recording your infant son or daughter this year, and did so each year until he or she graduated college? Also, think how special it would be if you and your spouse or partner had a consistent record of your life together when it came time to celebrate a milestone anniversary - in ten to 25 years?

We'll carefully work through each year to record your new love or precious addition to the family on digital audio, video, or in photographs.

Prices for our annual service are easily affordable, and because fees are paid on a quarterly basis instead of all at once, as with other types of personal history projects, costs are amortized. Fees start at $500 per quarter for limited photo organizing and scanning, videography and couple and or child photography. Other packages are also available. Contact us to discuss how we can help you start saving important memories.