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The term "Seventh Generation" refers to the Native American conservation philosophy whose origins are found in the great Iroquois Confederacy. It suggests that everything we do affects the next seven generations, and thus we should govern ourselves in a manner that will preserve all things for them - including their historical legacy.

It is of this idea that Seventh Generation Stories was borne. Using the latest technologies and fresh, first generation thinking to help save family stories is important to company founder Alli Joseph, who brings to the business 15 years of experience as a writer, producer, non-fiction author and marketing/branding talent. The Native American ethos inspired Alli to change careers and form a different kind of business, taking her multimedia skills and putting them to use in a service-based environment that she hopes will provide meaning to clients and their loved ones.

While Seventh Generation Stories' is built on a platform of narrative story books, family DVD videos, scrapbooks/family albums, family crests, reunion planning, memorial event planning and artisan fabric products, the company is positioned to grow and expand into a boutique firm that will offer many more legacy-based services - including but not limited to baby keepsakes, vintage jewelry appraisals and sales, and portraiture.

Seventh Generation Stories is a Green Company 

We feel it's important to live our ethos of protecting things for future generations. That's why we use the greenest practices we can when creating all of our personal history products for you. Our marketing materials are printed on recycled paper, and we employ conservation-minded recycling practices to dispose of unwanted vintage media, like VHS tapes and other film stock. Check in with us periodically to see how we continue to "green" our production methodologies.